Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where does CSSD sail?

    We sail on San Diego Bay (from Harbor Island) at Safe Harbor Sunroad Marina. 955 Harbor Island Dr, D Dock, San Diego, CA 92101. details

  • When does the sailing take place?

    We sail every Friday and Saturday, from 11:30am to 3:30pm. We also have several regattas and special events planned throughout the year. Please see the calendar for all schedule information.

  • How much will I be charged?

    Zero. There is no charge to sailing participants. Not to say there isn't a cost to sailing every weekend…😉…donations make it possible! Give here.

  • Are there any age limits?

    We accept all sailors starting at age 8 and up.

  • When do I go sailing? Do I just show up at the docks?

    We will work with you to schedule your sail. We have a full-time scheduling volunteer! It's a week long effort to make sure we have the right mix of sailors, companion, dock support and assisting personnel for each Friday and Saturday.

  • Are there bathrooms on the sailboat?

    Not on the sailboat. However, the marina has accessible restrooms which are available for use before and after sailing.

  • How long will I be sailing?

    You can go for as little as one hour or as much as 2.5 hours. Totally up to you!

  • Where will I sit in the boat, and who sails the boat?

    Our participants with disabilities are the ones who do the sailing. No prior sailing experience needed. Our 2-person sailboats are specifically designed for adaptive sailing.

    The participant sits in the front seat and controls the steering and sails, while the volunteer companion sailor sits in back giving guidance as needed. We conduct a short briefing at the dock to introduce basic concepts and boat parts, and then the adaptive sailor and companion sailor head out to sail on San Diego Bay.

  • How do I know if I will like sailing?

    Sailing can be a calm, soothing experience, or it can be an exciting adventure, depending on the wind and the way you want to approach it. Come give it a try … we'll do everything we can to help you have a wonderful day on the water!

  • Can my dog come with me?

    Due to weight and safety constraints we only allow service animals on the boats where the Sailor’s weight plus the animal’s weight totals less than 250 pounds. Otherwise, they are welcome at the head of the dock, if you have a friend, family member or aide who can care for your service animal while you are sailing. Our volunteers can't take responsibility for service animals or pets.

  • Does a volunteer need sailing experience?

    We welcome volunteers with any level of experience. Volunteers with previous sailing experience can receive training to become Companion sailors, so they can accompany our participants in the boats. People with little or no sailing experience can start by assisting on the docks, and progress from there. We also welcome volunteers who wish to help with fundraising, outreach, and other off-the-water aspects of our program.

  • What is the organization's structure?

    Challenged Sailors San Diego is a nonprofit charitable California corporation. The key officers and advisory group are listed here and are all volunteers. We are always looking for community members who would like to join our team.

  • Is there a maximum weight for the adaptive sailor?

    The weight limit for our sailors with disabilities (adaptive sailors) is 250 pounds. This is really important for the safety of the sailor and our volunteers.