Happiness is about satisfaction, and satisfaction comes from giving.

– Christopher Reeve

Donating in honor or celebration of someone is a wonderful way to create a legacy for a loved one. Whether you're recognizing a friend, family member, colleague, or someone who has passed away, your tax-deductible contribution will fuel the Challenged Sailors mission and continue to provide therapeutic and recreational sailing opportunities for many people with challenging physical and mental conditions.

Opportunities for tribute giving

There are many reasons to give a tribute gift in honor or memory of someone:

  • Birthday or anniversary: Celebrate a friend or family member or invite others to give in honor of your birthday or anniversary.
  • Engagements or weddings: In lieu of engagement presents, encourage guests to contribute to Challenged Sailors or make a donation as part of your wedding favors.
  • In memory: There is no better way to recognize someone who has passed away than creating a lasting legacy with your gift. For families requesting donations in memory of a loved one, call 760-690-9594.
  • Holidays: Whether it is #GivingTuesday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or another holiday, give a donation on someone’s behalf that has a bigger impact than what you find in a store or under a tree.
  • Just because: Thank a special person or brighten a friend’s day with a donation to Challenged Sailors.

Honor, celebrate, recognize, and change lives with your tribute gift today. If you wish to memorialize someone, please call 760-690-6594.

Give a Challenged Sailors tribute gift:  

Tribute Giving