Planned Giving

Planned giving can have a lasting impact. Invest in the future of Challenged Sailors by including us in your will or financial and estate planning. Include Challenged Sailors in your estate planning. Making a bequest or other estate gift assures Challenged Sailors of future funding that will help us continue to provide wonderful opportunities for therapeutic and recreation sailing for challenged individuals.

Frequently asked questions

What is a bequest?

A charitable bequest can take many forms. It might be a sum of money or specific item of property (such as real estate, an automobile, or other physical asset) that you decide to leave to a charity. A contingent charitable bequest, meanwhile, can be made if an alternate beneficiary named in your trust or will was to be deceased.

Do I need to change my will to make a bequest?

You don’t need a will to make a charitable beneficiary designation, and you don’t need to change an existing will. You can simply name Challenged Sailors San Diego as a beneficiary of your private and/or employer sponsored life insurance policy or policies. You may also name Challenged Sailors San Diego as a beneficiary of any retirement accounts, or other savings, brokerage, annuity, or retirement accounts.

What is my estate?

Your personal estate is the sum of your assets, including real estate and all other property you own, insurance policies, retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, cash on hand, etc. Regardless of your social status, and whatever your family and financial situation, there are many flexible, affordable ways to plan an estate gift that will have a profound impact on the people and causes closest to your heart for generations to come.

How do I designate Challenged Sailors San Diego as a beneficiary?

To designate Challenged Sailors San Diego as a beneficiary, simply request the appropriate beneficiary designation form from your employer, insurance company, bank or broker and provide them with the following information:

Beneficiary Name: Challenged Sailors San Diego
Beneficiary Address: PO Box 6994, San Diego, CA 92106
Beneficiary Phone Number: 760-690-6594
Tax ID# of Beneficiary: 47-2882798​

Can I only make a planned giving contribution after my death?

No. While you can of course make a provision in your will, you can arrange for Challenged Sailors San Diego to become a beneficiary of your estate at any time. This is especially useful if you wish to include us in a retirement plan or life insurance policy. Making a donation through your estate assets enables you to make a contribution larger than you may be able to make from your income, and it may also be eligible for tax benefits.

What is a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)?

A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is a gift of cash or other property to an irrevocable trust. The donor receives an income stream from the trust for a term of years or for life and the named charity receives the remaining trust assets at the end of the trust term. Consult your attorney about establishing a CRT with Challenged Sailors San Diego as the beneficiary. Also known as an IRS Section 664 Trust.