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Happiness is about satisfaction, and satisfaction comes from giving.

– Christopher Reeve

Opportunities for tribute giving

There are many reasons to give a tribute gift in honor or memory of someone:

  • Birthday or anniversary: Celebrate a friend or family member or invite others to give in honor of your birthday or anniversary.
  • Engagements or weddings: In lieu of engagement presents, encourage guests to contribute to Challenged Sailors or make a donation as part of your wedding favors.
  • In memory: There is no better way to recognize someone who has passed away than creating a lasting legacy with your gift. For families requesting donations in memory of a loved one, call 760-690-9594.
  • Holidays: Whether it is #GivingTuesday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or another holiday, give a donation on someone’s behalf that has a bigger impact than what you find in a store or under a tree.
  • Just because: Thank a special person or brighten a friend’s day with a donation to Challenged Sailors.

Honor, celebrate, recognize, and change lives with your tribute gift today. If you wish to memorialize someone, please call 760-690-6594.

Give a Challenged Sailors tribute gift:  

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